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Who am I?
I was born in INCHON, KOREA, in June 24, 1965. My family moved to Bolivia in 1973. In 1982 we moved to the adjacent country BRAZIL. In 1989, uncertain of the future, I came to the United States against my will. But here, I discovered God's plan for my life and my future; to be a missionary to South America.
It was no mistake that I lived over 16 years in South America learning the languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and their culture. God was surely preparing me for His work.

We served as SEED missionaries in Campo Grande, Brazil from 2001 to 2005. Right now we are in our second-term serving in Chapada dos Guimaraes, Brazil.

(I'm the kid in the middle. I was seven years old. This picture was taken right before we left Korea in March, 1973)

1990-4 B.Th. - New York Chong-Shin Bible College, NY
(Biblical Studies)
1994-5 M.A. - Faith Theological Seminary, PA
(Biblical Literature)
1995-9 M.Div.- Westminster Theological Seminary, PA
(General Ministries-Urban Missions)


We focus on a three-dimentional ministry frame:
1) Leadership Training: Training local and native (Indio) pastors, lay workers and sunday school teachers (Indio).
2) Assistance: for local Churches and pastors in developing ministry and mission strategy.
3) Publication: Providing resources for continuous education and spiritual growth as well as informational.

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